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Jimmy D’Aquisto Rare Chambered Body Electric Guitar 1979 1 of Lifetime 18 Total

Jimmy D’Aquisto Rare Chambered Body Electric Guitar 1979. 1 of Lifetime 18 Total which took most of his effort, skill and concentrated workmanship in his last years. The sound and ease of playing can only be experienced and attested to by many master gutiars players. D’Aquisto (November 9, 1935 April 18, 1995) was an. Best […]

2000 Music Man Axis Transparent Gold Body & Matching Headstock Quilt Maple Top

2000 Erine Ball EVH, Translucent Gold, Serial number. Just after “THE MAN” dumped Ernie Ball, They named the Guitar AXIS, Same Dimarzio Pickups as the original Signature Guitar, As far as I can see they changed the rear by routing for comfort and the control cavity was. The Quilt tops were still desirable because of […]

Gibson 1974 Natural Marauder Body & Neck

Well, here is your opportunity do so. We sell Gibson parts and project guitars specifically for the purpose of building your own custom Gibson guitar. Who says Fender has to be the only good project brand out there. Our goal is to change that myth by offering quality Gibson projects and parts to those of […]