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Vintage Fernandes Burny Custom Sunburst Strat JAPAN withhard case 11-18

Fernandes Burny Custom Strat Electric Guitar. Guitar has signs of wear including nicks, dings, scratches, chips. Two light finish cracks at pocket. Frets at 50 percent or so. Tone knobs don’t work for all settings. Buzz on open low e if hit hard. Buzz on d strings 10th and 16th frets. Please see photos for […]

Used Electric Guitar Fernandes / JG55 MBK

On 648 mm long scale. Pick scratches on pick guards, dent marks on body tops and backs, scratches, body side and body edge parts have many dents and paint defects. Rust is seen in metal parts. The feeling of use is moderate. Truss rod Tightening limit. Fret remaining 70 80%. String height on 12F. 6 […]