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Vintage 1960 Fender Musicmaster Short Scale Electric Guitar (Desert Sand)

– This cool old Fender Musicmaster is in great condition for a guitar that is almost 60 years old! They were Fender’s 3/4 size, short scale student model beginner guitars. These short scale models were made to the same high quality standards and materials that Fender used for its more expensive models. This 60 Musicmaster […]

Used 2016 Fender Custom Shop 50s Stratocaster Strat Rosewood Neck Desert Sand

What makes this guitar special: Fender has made a rare occasion of producing all-rosewood necked guitars and this is an absolutely killer example of what that build element can add in terms of both sound and aesthetic. Visually, the rosewood provides a great contrast to its Desert Sand body but both share a light, nitrocellulose […]