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2003 Fender Stratocaster Deluxe Super Strat Neck Rosewood Crimson Ash Body

2003 Fender MIM Deluxe Super Strat Stratocaster rosewood fretboard neck and translucent Crimson Red swamp ash body in very good condition. Finish cracks in body as pictured. Neck as been apparently epoxied to body. Looks like the heel was lightly sanded. It’s not going to move! FYI, this is a typical trans red tint Fender […]

Gibson Les Paul Super Custom Trans Aqua Electric Guitar

Be sure to check out my other listings by clicking here: gibson_supreme Wow, here’s a cool one: a Gibson Les Paul Super Custom in a gorgeous translucent aqua finish! I’ve always been inspired by beautiful instruments. It’s true that visual beauty doesn’t necessarily enhance the tonal aspect of an instrument. But a beautiful instrument can […]

GRECO SUPER REAL ES335 Japan Vintage Jazz Archtop Semi Acoustic Rare Lawsuit

Beautiful and great condition Greco SA ES335 type, Super Real Project. Made in Japan on 1980s. The sound is good, electronics work well. The frets are about 70% with no fret bumpy. Some small chips and scratches, but nothing damage the overall appearance. An old gigcase is included as well. I have sent many guitars […]