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INCREDIBLY RARE 1980 Gibson Byrdland with F5 Mandolin Headstock! CHERRY RED! Es335

1980 Gibson Byrdland w/ F5 Mandolin-style Neck! This could be unique. There were a few (very few) made in the 60’s and 70’s. Not this late though and Cherry is unusual for this era. Gibson Byrdland with F5 Mandolin-Style Guitar Neck. Totally original with no issues. The guitar is a beauty and is very clean. […]

GRECO SUPER REAL ES335 Japan Vintage Jazz Archtop Semi Acoustic Rare Lawsuit

Beautiful and great condition Greco SA ES335 type, Super Real Project. Made in Japan on 1980s. The sound is good, electronics work well. The frets are about 70% with no fret bumpy. Some small chips and scratches, but nothing damage the overall appearance. An old gigcase is included as well. I have sent many guitars […]

87 GIBSON es335 es 335 BLONDE Antique Natural Tim Shaw PAFs RARE Cali Girl Case

I don’t do appraisals. 1987 Gibson es-335 DOT finished in gorgeous Antique Natural (Blonde) nitrocellulose lacquer in excellent condition. This is the last year of the first generation DOT reissue es-335’s equipped with the superb Shaw FAFs. The grain is super clear and t he finish has ambered beautifully. The hardware has a natural patina […]