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Dunlop Db02 Dimebag Dime Crybaby Custom

We handle genuine Japanese products. DUNLOP DB02 DIMEBAG Dime Bag Darrell Model DIME CRYBABY CUSTOM Signature Cry baby FROM HELL WAH db01 The Dimebag Darrell DB-02 Dime Cry Baby Custom is a signature model of the Jim Dunlop Cry Baby Wah wah wah pedal that was briefly available in the early 2000s. DUNLOP ECB424B HOT […]

Dunlop MXR EP103 Echoplex Delay Pedal EP-3 Tape Echo ADAPTER (OPEN BOX)

PEDAL IS IN MINT CONDITION. WE GUARANTEE ALL OPEN BOX ITEMS. Dunlop EP103 Echoplex Delay. Warmth & Modulation Of EP-3 Tape Echo INCLUDES POWER SUPPLY. AC adapter provides 9V DC current for most pedals requiring 9 volts of power. The Echoplex® EP-3 tape echo unit is famous for its deliciously warm, organic modulation and sweet […]