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Animals Pedal Push & Pull Distortion unknownrainfxapRin Custom Illustrated

Animals Pedal Custom Illustrated “unknown:rainfx:ap:Rin” pedal in good working condition. Has seen very little use. Comes with Original Box. This is essentially a custom illustrated version of the Push and Pull Distortion. Push and pull description:When you think of electric guitar, isn’t the first sound that come to mind a rock sound with a rich […]

Animals Pedal Custom Illustrated 045 Push Pull Distortion By Coalowl Leave

Welcome to CrowdTrading JAPAN LLC. Condition: USED (Excellent Condition – This item is for collectors). This item is for collectors. The operation has been tested and confirmed that it works fine. The product is in EXCELLENT condition and shape though, it may have some very minor normal wear and tear. Please check the item images […]