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Fernandes Electric Guitar Dinky Blue STJ-40 3.2kg SSH GOTOH Used Product USED

This is Fernandes STJ-40. The pegs are made from GOTOH and have a fairly luxurious specification. [Functional] Neck: Straight (not bent) Frets: About 90%. 12th fret remaining 1.08mm Truss rod: Plenty of room Electrical system: No abnormality. The sound plays without any problems. [Condition] There is damage. It will take about 3-7 days with tracking. […]

Fender Squier Short Scale 24-Inch Strat Pack Transparent Blue slightly scratc

Fender Squier Short Scale 24-Inch Strat Pack with Frontman 10G Amplifier, Cable, Strap, and Picks – Transparent Blue Austin Bazaar is an authorized Squier dealer. Condition notes: slightly scratched in back; plays and tunes well; fully functional. “C”-shaped maple neck. Three single-coil Stratocaster pickups. A perfect choice for beginners, the new Squier Strat Pack has […]

D’Angelico Premier Bedford SH LE Guitar Tremolo Ice Blue Metallic 19474490355 OB

The limited-edition D’Angelico Premier Bedford SH electric with tremolo is available exclusively at Guitar Center. The combination of two Duncan Designed single coils in the neck and middle positions, followed by a Duncan Designed mini-humbucker in the bridge, creates a uniquely bold, but familiarly spanky tonal palette. A 5-way blade makes tone selection simple and […]

Jackson MJ Series Dinky DKR Ice Blue Metallic 194744722875 OB

Harkening back to the early’90s when import Jackson guitars were manufactured exclusively in Japan, the Jackson MJ Series is an exciting and innovative collection of instruments attentively crafted in Japan. The MJ Series combines Jackson’s world-renowned legacy of designing high-performance instruments with an assortment of top-tier features at a competitive price point. Engineered from its […]

Fender American Ultra Jazzmaster Maple FB Guitar Cobra Blue 197881049232 OB

Like the other guitars that are part of the American Ultra family, the Fender American Ultra Jazzmaster takes an icon of guitar design and reimagines it for the contemporary guitarist. Packed with a wide-range of new ideas and refinements of old standards, the American Ultra Jazzmaster is the result of a design process that sought […]

New design Blue silent electric acoustic guitar portable travel built in effect

This is a multi-function guitar, this is an electric and acoustic double use guitar. Directly to connect amplifier without battery like normal guitar. Directly to connect amplifier with battery and use the effect inside(also can close the effect, only use the clear sound). Directly to connect headphone with battery and use the effect inside(also can […]