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GrassRoots G-LP-60S Electric Guitar #118

[Accessories] soft case hexagon wrench [feature] les paul type maple top mahogany body, thick and thick sound! [Please use convenient shopping credit]. You can sign up quickly because you can leave the application on the web. Monthly payments can be flexibly handled according to the customer’s repayment plan. Repayment plans can also be simulated on […]

GrassRoots S-G-LP-60S Electric Guitar #29

A collaboration model between “Shimamura Musical Instruments” and “GrassRoots”. It will be an entry model one rank higher mounted with a Duncan design PU mounted on the G-LP series. [state] rest of fret: warpage of the neck about 80%: Roughly the state of the straight truss rod: There is room in both directions 12F upper […]

GrassRoots G-SE Electric Guitar #85

It is a strat model of grassroots. The color is black. The arm is out of stock. Accessories: Soft case (black, fender) condition scratches, dents. There is a trace like sandpaper on the back of the neck. There is no neck warp. Truss rods can afford. The remaining frets are about 90%. There is no […]

GrassRoots G-LP-50C Electric Guitar #112

IT is an LP type made by ESP direct brand GrassRoots. Full-fledged set neck joint. It is a cost performance model of full-fledged specifications while being a low price. S BODY: AlderNECK: MahoganyFINGERBOARD : RosewoodJOINT: Set-Neck Weight: About 3.9 kg. Appearance Scratches, Dirt, Dents, Paint Chipping, Deterioration of Gold Plating, etc. It is a player’s […]