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Gibson 2018 USA Black ES 335 Studio Body & Neck

Well, here is your opportunity do so. We sell Gibson parts and project guitars specifically for the purpose of building your own custom Gibson guitar. Who says Fender has to be the only good project brand out there. Our goal is to change that myth by offering quality Gibson projects and parts to those of […]

Ibanez RT150 RARE Strat HSH traditional F vibe med frets slim maple neck, MIJ

Ibanez RT150 RARE Strat GREAT traditional vibe med frets slim maple neck, MIJ Gotoh tuners! Great RARE to find guitar. Super natural HSH pickups with amazing clear chimey strat vibe. Nice shape, looks great despite small chips and scratches. FAST and straight flat radius neck. Some fret wear first 5 frets, can go for many […]