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2012 Gibson Les Paul Standard Triburst Flametop Long Tenon 1960s Slim Neck COA

Scroll down to see 45 HD images of this guitar Here’s a 2012 Gibson Les Paul Standard in a factory original Triburst finish. The serial number is 111820585 – which dates to 2012 -and the pots and pickups are all original. Tuners are the original Grovers as well. Here’s some spec’s. Premium woods and modern […]

Epiphone by Gibson Les Paul Custom SG Pelham Blue Fat Neck Rare Mint 2013

Immaculately clean 2013 Epiphone custom shop SG Custom with Maestro Vibrola in rare Pelham Blue. Pickups were replaced with Brandon Wound PAF’S. (Orignal pickups included) The guitar is a very resonant, tone machine. Beefy 50’s style neck, rare on Epiphones. Frets have been polished so the playing is effortless. Comes with a new hardshell case. […]

1999 Gibson Les Paul Classic Plus Trans Amber Flametop Standard 60’s Neck ABR-1

Scroll down to see 45 HD images of this guitar Here’s a 1999 Gibson Les Paul Classic Plus 1960 RI in a factory original Transamber Flametop. It’s a superb example of an early LP Classic – kind of a pre-cursor to the Historic line. This guitar is in good condition with light/average playwear. The top […]

RARE 90’s Carvin DC150 Double Cut FLOYD Single Pickup M22 GUITAR Neck Thru’92

WE ARE 100% CONFIDENT THAT WE CAN RESOLVE ANY ISSUE. ORIGINAL TREM ARM IS INCLUDED BUT NOT PICTURED… I forgot USA made’90-’92 era DC… Not sure of the official designation given to these single pup versions, not many around to compare to. Who ordered a Carvin without checking off at least 50% of the options […]