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1st Year Gibson Les Paul 1979 Artist Custom All Original w Moog Option OHSC

But please if you are not familiar with this instrument and its advanced electronics then go online and check out the available manuals and posts of owners that help explain the full on range of this exceptional and relatively rare Gibson Custom. Beautiful 1979 Les Paul Artist–I like to collect first and/or last year issues […]

1989 Epiphone Les Paul Custom Black Beauty with Hard Case First Year Production

Here’s a super nice and clean 1989 Epiphone Les Paul Custom finished in Ebony with gold hardware. First year set neck construction and last year of the Open Book Headstock. Neck joint is long tenon. All Original pickups and hardware but freshly re-wired with one of my pre-wired harnesses to correct some excessively scratchy pots […]

1985 Heritage H555 Vintage Semi Hollow withDuncan Antiquities FIRST YEAR

Mazing vintage “the heritage” h-555 electric guitar. 1985 model which is super rare and the first year for heritage guitars in Kalamazoo. Guitar comes with Seymour Duncan “antiquities” humbuckers. Which truly give it a amazing vintage growl and crisp clean tones. I believe these pickups were original to the guitar but I’m not 100%. The […]