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2000 Epiphone Casino NA Electric Guitar Made In Korea (Peerless Factory) MIK

I’ve had this for some time and it plays and sounds a treat. Has a few minor dents on the rear of neck, and some colour fading on the headstock. I’d say Excellent overall preowned condition for age. Note there are different knobs than standard. 00 – Made in 2000. 784th guitar made in June […]

Authentic 1990 ESP Factory Original Red and White Striped made in Japan Guitar

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1979 Blonde Gibson ES-347-excellent condition OHSC factory coil taps

My luthier went completely over this instrument–it has new strings–cleaned and polished and is intonated and set up for my preferences with a working truss rod–original frets and a beautiful fretboard that looks like dark brazilian to me but is of course ebony–tuners are original and stay locked in tune–the entire guitar including the case–which […]