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Amazing Tone! Gibson Les Paul Classic 2003 Ebony Black + OHSC

Gibson Les Paul Classic 2003 Ebony Black + OHSC. Lovies guitars is offering up a 2003 Gibson Les Paul Classic Ebony guitar in its original case! Beautiful and classic Ebony finish with great playability! This guitar is a fantastic sounding player! This guitar has an awesome vibe! Makes you want to plug it in and […]

Gibson 2009 Black SG Faded Body & Neck

Well, here is your opportunity do so. We sell Gibson parts and project guitars specifically for the purpose of building your own custom Gibson guitar. Who says Fender has to be the only good project brand out there. Our goal is to change that myth by offering quality Gibson projects and parts to those of […]

1983 Fender Precision Bass Elite II Vintage Electric Bass Guitar Black Sparkle

Up for sale, a 1983 Fender Precision Bass Elite II in excellent condition and in good working order. A rare, upscale P Bass with active electronics, the Elite II was only made from 1983-85. This first year example has a gloss black metalflake sparkle finish, with two split coil pickups that have an incredible amount […]

Fender Stratocaster The Black Strat Custom Partscaster Gilmour Mexican USA

Here for sale is this Stratocaster electric guitar. I’m not entirely sure what parts are original Fender and what aren’t. Its been made to look like Dave Gilmour’s’the black strat’. 2006 Fender 57 reissue 60th Anniversary Maple neck. Black finish solid wood body – we are unsure about the origin of this – possibly Mexican […]