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Jackson Signature Chris Broderick Soloist 6 Guitar Gloss Black 194744892998 OB

The Jackson Pro Series Signature Chris Broderick Soloist 6 is the signature guitar of the thrash guitarist, known for his work with Megadeth, Act of Defiance and In Flames. The Pro Series Chris Broderick features a resonant mahogany body with an arched top and a through-body maple neck with a scarf joint and graphite reinforcement […]

1993 Jackson SL1 Soloist USA

1993 Jackson SL1 Soloist guitar USA. Up for sale is a nice 1993 Jackson Soloist SL1 model guitar. This guitar is US made in Ontario California. This Jackson Soloist has the cool black sparkle finish and the most desireable SL1 configuration. It is all original and in very good condition. There are some normal dings […]

1988 Jackson USA Soloist Double Neck Super Rare Electric Guitar Free Shipping

Since it’s vintage there are small scratches, but considering its age it can be said that the condition is excellent. It is perfect that you cannot believe 30 years have passed since it is produced. There are more than 90% fret left, and no neck problem. All the maintenance is done by technical staff. Don’t […]